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After over three decades since Jeff Pleadwell and his shareholders opened the seaside Beach bar the property and business is better than ever. The 22 acre site has been cleaned up extensively. Visitors may enjoy a one mile walk around the beach front property.Our garden produces fresh papaya and bananas used on the menu. Although we have been forced to raise our prices due to ever increasing product cost and fuel related increases, our restaurant still serves the best food money can buy. Our weather site remains one of the greatest I have seen thanks to Mort.It provides the most current weather information on the island as data is updated live every 5 minutes. The Seaside Museum is very popular with our visitors and local people as well. The shoreline has been manually and naturally cleaned over the years and beach combing is very rewarding for the energetic searchers. The ancient Chamorro fishing village that was located here provides continual artifacts and historic interest. I have a great selection in the museum for people to see. Guam is still the best place Jeff ever wanted to live and he keeps working to improve the Government of Guam's relationships and services to private enterprise. Jeff's hard work has turned the Cove into a local landmark and a place of unique historical interest to the island.. He is also very concerned about preserving the environment and natural resources of the island as well as it's wild life. He constantly takes pictures of all the migratory and local birds in the area to record and study them. Pirates Cove's rescue operation now has two jet skies to assure our response is immediate. Doug was given SAR training again this summer The awareness has grown and seems we are not having to rescue as many these days. Kite boarding is very popular here in the back yard it is said to be one of the best runs anywhere. Our homemade cheeseburger, Chammorro recipes and fresh local fish complemented by Sara's Greek selections keep hungry food lovers coming on a regular basis. We hope you will visit us soon and enjoy our hospitality and great food!

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