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It was after a few years of watching reoccurring accidents and one boy die just south of JPC along Route 4 that forced Jeff to install rubber fishing net floats on the roadside. First he cleaned both sides of Route 4 from the Ipan Public Beach to The Togcha River Bridge. The mile long floats were placed in front of the concrete telephone poles and along the slippery highway shoulder. The roped floats have saved many out of control vehicles from direct hits into the poles and certain death in some cases. The roped connected floats slow down out of control vehicles and prevent serious damage to the vehicle and injury to the occupants. The vehicles drag the floats or the floats get caught underneath the vehicle eventually stopping them. I have been promised for 30 years by every director of Public Works and every Governor that this dangerous corner would be made safer. The coral highway on Route 4 is like ice when it rains or even from the sea mist blows on to the road. Our Government is not capable of protecting us or living up to their promises. All the property damages, insurance claims, injuries, and losses in this treacherous stretch continue. “Our Department of Public Works leaves much to be desired” Pleadwell says.
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