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[header 4]Alcohol Ban Will Mean Safer, Cleaner Parks[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]I have lived and operated a a business next to a public beach and park for 29 years. I have seen the Ipan Public Beach...Read More [header 4]DPR May Ban Alcohol At Parks[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Jeff Pleadwell said he has been having a number of problems with people who go to public beaches, get drunk...Read More [header 4]Guam Finds Success With Pirate Theme[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Guam seems to have found a new marketing tack in attracting Japanese visitors - pirate treasure hunts...Read More [header 4]Guam Braces for Peaceful Military Incursion[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]"The Military want to have a pool party, but they are telling us to build the pool," said James V Espaldon...Read More [header 4]Island Time 2008[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Heading back north on Route 4, you'll pass Ipan Beach Park on your right. This is a popular spot among locals...Read More [header 4]Jeff Pleadwell - Jeff's Pirates Cove[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Jeff Pleadwell knew from the start what most take a lifetime to learn , that the best thing is "to be free to do what I...Read More [header 4]Jeff's Seaside Museum Attracts More Visitors[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Float balls from Russia and China, a human toe bone, fishhooks made out of seashells and a message in a...Read More [header 4]Inspire Yourself At Jeff's Pirates Cove Seaside Museum[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Treat yourself to southern hospitality, rent a car and visit Jeff's Pirates Cove. Its home for Jeff and he...Read More [header 4]Jeff's Letters[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Guam Airport Authosity should be privatized... GovGuam, finish what you start... Road danger level should spur...Read More [header 4]Guam Goes Hollywood - The Old Cove[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Palm Beach, with its fine hotels, golf links, tennis courts, and white sand beaches, isn't too far ahead of one navy...Read More [header 4]Japan Lays To Rest Lieutenant Who Hid in Fena Valley[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]The commanding officer of a group of Japanese soldiers who eluded capture bu hiding in Fena Valley died Jan. 14...Read More [header 4]Traditional Sailors, Canoe Head To Talofofo[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]The canoe and crew from Puluwat arrived safely at Jeff's Pirates Cove in Talofofo yesterday afternoon after the...Read More [header 4]Pirates Once Roamed White Ipan Beaches[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Although they may not have been the swashbuckling, patch-eyed buccaneers of treasure hunitng fame, once upon...Read More [header 4]'The Best Is Yet To Come'[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Cecilio Rodriguez and Henry KoponoKaaihue, Jimmy Cliff and Maria Yatar in concert...Read More [header 4]Reggae Vibes Ignite Jeff's Pirates Cove[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Jamieson Wing of Ho' Aikane plays to the crowd dusring the Reggaefest at Jeff's Pirates Cove yesterday, while...Read More [header 4]Battle Of The Bands at Pirates Cove[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]A group of young women sways to the music at the Battle of the Bands at Pirates Cove, a local watering hole...Read More [header 4]Artists, Buyers, Browsers Jam Jeff's Pirates Cove[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]The distinctive smell of barbecue filled the air yesterday as more than 1,000 people browsed through booths...Read More [header 4]Pirates Cove's Ship Comes In[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]"Guam's original beach bar" is having a grand reopring this weekend. After more than 7 months of rebuilding...Read More [header 4]Take A Bite Out of Guam's Local Dishes[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Whether you've been on Guam for one month or a year, surely you've recognized that Chamorro food is unlike...Read More [header 4]Sewage Washed Into Togcha Bay Creates Hazards[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]It is starting to stink down here in Ipan. At this time of the year, when the tide is very low during the day,...Read More [header 4]Jeff's Pirates Cove Owner Pleads For Help[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Rotting seaweed is clogging up the Togcha River and one business in the area wants the government to do...Read More [header 4]Yokoi The Focus Of New Exhibit[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Shoichi was taught never to surrender. The soldier in the Japanese Imperial Army held out in the jungles...Read More [header 4]Rescue Training Today on East Coast[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Over the last 20 years, nine people have died in the channel near Jeff's Pirates Cove in Ipan...Read More [header 4]Jeff's Letters [/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Guam pays too much for lousy solid waste... Progress report shows problems on island...Read More [header 4]Dispute Over GVB Control[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]As soon as a tour bus stops at restaurant Jeff's Pirates Cove, tourists line up. No, its not to get seated to...Read More [header 4]5 Teams In Gubernatorial Race[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]A fifth gubernatorial team filed its campaign paperwork at the Guam Election Commission yesterday...Read More [header 4]Gubernatorial Dark Horse Gets Ready With Petition[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]Gubernatorial hopeful Jeffrey Pleadwell, the dark hore in the 2006 race, is getting ready to file his petition...Read More [header 4]Head to Jeff's For Seaside SongFest[/header] [quote-symbol symbol5]If holiday jingles are starting to lose their charm, a unique musical experience like Jeff's Seaside SongFest...Read More

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