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Live Entertainment at the Cove!!!!

Live Entertainment at the Cove!!!!

Live Entertainment at the Cove!!!!

Jeff’s now has live entertainment every Sunday afternoon from 3:30pm until 6:30 pm.

Live Entertainment at the Cove!!!!Echo Beach” comprised of the duo, Peter Linn and Jack Shook, perform in the beautiful A frame structure at Jeff's.

Music selections include Mello 80’s and surf tunes.

“It has been a while since we hosted live entertainment at the Cove mainly due to the ever waning Guam economy and high fuel prices, unmarked roads, flooding, and current bridge construction. The daily travel around the island has slowed down considerably. It isn’t really all that bad but it may take a few minutes longer to get around” according to Jeff Pleadwell.

Jeff hopes his potential customers will consider coming out to the Cove... a fun road trip and adventure. We have lots to do and see, a great gift shop and very popular menu items.

Head south on Marine Drive and travel around the island the long way and enjoy Guam's beautiful southern scenic sites.

The Cove opens from 8am -6pm daily Sundays 8am-7pm. Phone 789-COVE (2683)

Hurry on down all you landlubbers,

Live Entertainment at the Cove!!!!
The Pirate Awaits You.....

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